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Date: April, 2012

To understand oneself there must be intention to understand and with the intention comes an enquiring mind..
J. Krishnamurti

It seems to me that without understanding the way our minds work, one cannot understand and resolve the very complex problems of living. This understanding cannot come through book knowledge. The mind is, in itself, quite a complex problem. In the very process of understanding one's own mind, the crisis which each one of us faces in life can perhaps be understood and gone beyond.   
J. Krishnamurti

Can we discover for ourselves what is the religious mind? The scientist in his laboratory is really a scientist; he is not persuaded by his nationalism, by his fears, by his vanities, ambitions, and local demands; there, he is merely investigating. But outside the laboratory, he is like anybody else with his prejudices, with his ambitions, with his nationality, with his vanities, with his jealousies, and all the rest of it. Such a mind cannot approach the religious mind. The religious mind does not function from a center of authority, whether it is accumulated knowledge as tradition, or it is experience - which is really the continuation of tradition, the continuation of conditioning. The religious spirit does not think in terms of time, the immediate results, the immediate reformation within the pattern of society...
J. Krishnamurti

Karnataka Gathering Poster
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March 2012 Retreat Participants
First Sunday Meeting: April 1
Karnataka Gathering: What is a religious mind?
Study Retreats 2012 – 2013 Calendar
Introduction to retreat – a Presentation?
Children's Responses to deeper questions of life
Outreach Program
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First Sunday Meeting: April 1

Venue: Mahasagar, near school main gate
Time: 9:30 AM

Open to friends of The Study Centre and individuals who are willing to explore their own lives. These meetings also enable new comers to become familiar with the teachings and to what The Study Centre has to offer. Feel free to bring your friends and family members who have the capacity to listen and learn.

Karnataka Gathering

Theme: What is a religious mind?
Date: April 7-10, 2012

On April 7 evening Arundhati Krishnan an ex-Valley School student will give a Carnatic Vocal Concert.

The gathering will be inaugurated on April 8 by Shri Chidanandji. He will be giving the keynote address. He is the Director of Rural Centre in Rajghat, KFI. The other invited guests include Dr. HS. Raghavendra Rao, Prof. OL Nagbhushan Swamy, Dr. Vanamala Vishwanath, and Mr. Grish Vanamala.

During this gathering we will be enquiring together to find out what is a religious mind? Do we immediately begin to conceptualize what a religious mind might be or how is the religious mind to be brought about. If we do not do any of these then what is one’s response?

During the gathering we will be considering the nature of learning mind. Is learning merely accumulation of knowledge and responding from that knowledge. In some areas knowledge is necessary as in one’s profession, but the same movement psychologically brings about division and conflict. In relationship, if one has an image about oneself and others then the relationship is only between images. Images are partial and never complete. Therefore, they bring about division as one forms an image according to one’s cravings and fears. One never sees the actual person, thus bringing about division and therefore, conflict. Wisdom is to see the limitation of knowledge.

We will also consider that a religious mind is not separate from daily living. Can one function in the insane, cruel, and divided world with sanity and integrity? What prevents one from living a sane life? Is it the pursuit of self-centred activity? We will enquire together into what brings about self-centred activity. What are some of the obstacles from living a sane and health life.

Can the quality of alertness to the movement of thought bring about a new mind? When we begin to look at our thoughts we run into a subtle separation of observer from the observed. This division is the root cause of conflict. To watch this division taking place in one’s mind requires a swift glance and inaction. Inaction implies no-movement of thought. We will explore such a possibility.

Study Retreats 2012 – 2013 Calendar
The Study Retreats 2012-2013

The Study Centre, Valley School, Bangalore will be offering residential retreats every month. The purpose of such retreats is to take a step back from ones active daily life of making a living, having a family, and all the other activities that one is engaged in. During the retreat one can be alone and also in company of other serious minded individuals who have deeper questions of life and are willing to delve into the nature of human consciousness without any preconditions or with the aim of reaching any specific goal. Taking a journey within oneself brings about a certain release from the various conclusions, ideas, and tensions that one often accumulates in daily life. After the retreat one returns to daily living with an alert mind that is able to meet afresh the challenges of life.

Attending the retreat allows a teacher or parent to learn the intention of the school. The educational philosophy of the school helps in bringing about various policies and curriculum design in the school.

The following are the dates and themes of the Study Retreats during the year 2012 - 2013:

June 7-10, 2012 : Understanding stress, anxiety & restlessness in daily life
July 12-15, 2012 : “Understanding oneself” in the mirror of relationship
Aug 9-12, 2012 : Self-knowledge is the beginning of Meditation
Sept 6-9, 2012 : Why do I get angry?
Oct 11-14, 2012 : Significance of living in the “HERE & NOW”
Dec 6-9, 2012 : Retreat for the YOUNG(18-35)
Exploring Success, Happiness & Relationships
Jan 24-27, 2013 : Silence , Stillness & Meditation
Feb 7-10, 2013 : What does FEAR do to you ?
March 7-10 2013 : Exploring Problems of Living ?
April 4-7, 2013 : **Karnataka JK Adhayana Shibira: Meditation in Daily Life
Intention of the Retreat at The Study, KFI, Bangalore:
  • Awakening of Intelligence and flowering in goodness
  • Learning the art of listening and looking
  • Bringing clarity in oneself
  • Understanding the workings of one’s mind
  • Dealing with conflict, change, fear, and desire
  • Discipline, Freedom, and Responsibility
  • Discovering beauty, creativity, and Joy
  • Awareness with all the senses
  • Exploration into insight
  • Meditation in daily living

The retreats start on Thursday evening and end on Sunday evening, so that people who are working have to take only one day off. Transportation will be arranged for group pick-up from Jain Temple, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore. The time of pick-up will be 6:30 PM on the first day of retreat. The time of departure will be 5:00 PM on the last day of the retreat from the campus.

The Study Retreat will be restricted to twelve participants. Each participant will have a single cottage on a non-sharing basis. Please look at our Retreat Cottages under News & Events. Participants can extend their stay before or after the retreat on the basis of additional payment. The transportation for all the programs is arranged for one pickup and drop to the city in a group. The time will be specified to the participants in the acknowledgement email before the event.

The suggested contribution for the study retreat to cover the cost of food, lodging, programs, study material, and transportation is Rs. 2150 per person. Please fill up the registration form and send it to the Study Centre, Bangalore.

Children’s Responses to deeper questions of life

This activity was part of the Children’s program at the Study Centre. The children of Class IX and XI watched a section of the film Buddha made by PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). After watching the film the children were given a questionnaire to be filled up. The students responded to the questions and then we had a lively dialogue based on these questions.

The following is a sample of the responses. The student’s responses are original and not influenced by knowledge about Buddhism. One can study them carefully as they may give a new insight into these perennial questions. Continued

Outreach Program
A group of 30 children along with teachers visited from a school called Puvidham Learning Centre, Nagarkodal PO, Dharmapuri, TN. The children’s group were at the Study Centre for three hour program of reflection and exploration. The children spoke mostly Tamil, but could understand and express in English also. We explored the theme “Dealing with Fear” through theatre. The children responded very well.
Photo Gallery:
March 2012 Retreat
Outreach Program

You can visit www.kfistudy.org for further information on the Study Centre. You can write to the Study Centre Coordinator, The Valley School Campus, 17th KM Kanakpura Road, Thatguni Post, Bangalore – 560062.

Email: kfistudy@gmail.com Phone: 080-2843-5243/ 9482641389. The registration forms can be downloaded from the website.