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Date: December, 2012

It is always difficult to keep simple and clear. The world worships success, the bigger the better; the greater the audience the greater the speaker; the colossal super buildings, cars, airplanes and people. Simplicity is lost. The successful people are not the ones who are building a new world. To be a real revolutionary requires a complete change of heart and mind, and how few want to free themselves. One cuts the surface roots; but to cut the deep feeding roots of mediocrity, success, needs something more than words, methods, compulsions. There seem to be few, but they are the real builders; the rest labor in vain. - Letters to a Young Friend, 18

It is the quality of freshness, of newness, that is essential, or otherwise life becomes a routine, a habit; and love is not a habit, a boring thing. Most people have lost all sense of wonderment. They take everything for granted; this sense of security destroys freedom and the wonderment of uncertainty. - Letters to a Young Friend, 13

Life is so rich, has so many treasures, we go to it with empty hearts; we do not know how to fill our hearts with the abundance of life. We are poor inwardly and when the riches are offered to us, we refuse. Love is a dangerous thing, it brings the only revolution that gives complete happiness. So few of us are capable of love, so few want love. We love on our own terms, making of love a marketable thing. We have the market mentality and love is not marketable, a give-and-take affair. It is a state of being in which all man's problems are resolved. We go to the well with a thimble and so life becomes a tawdry affair, puny and small. - Letters to a Young Friend,7

Retreat for Young
Thala Top Trek 2012
First Sunday Meeting: December 2, 2012
Retreat for the YOUNG (18-35): Dec 6-9: Exploring Success, Happiness & Relationships
Study Retreats 2012 – 2013 Calendar
Introduction to retreat – a Presentation?
First Sunday Meeting: December 2, 2012

Venue: Seminar Hall, The Valley School
Time: 9:30 AM

Open to friends of The Study Centre and individuals who are willing to explore their own lives. These meetings also enable new comers to become familiar with the teachings and to what The Study Centre has to offer. Feel free to bring your friends and family members who have the capacity to listen and learn.

Retreat for the YOUNG(18-35): Dec 6-9: Exploring Success, Happiness & Relationships

The intention of the retreat is to bring clarity to the issues faced by young people such as finding a right livelihood in which one is happy, discovering ones relationship with human beings and nature, and social responsibility.

The young people have numerous questions that are rarely addressed in a holistic manner. Young people have many concerns regarding the degeneration of our society at all levels – political, social, ecological, and economic level. Yet, a young person is pressurized to conform to an essentially corrupt system. This leads to various contradictions. The discontent in a Young person is not allowed by society to become a flame and find a creative response.

A mind can be kept young through a process of inquiry into the nature of the mind. The process of inquiry has to be at the individual level and also along with others who are equally interested. In a shared inquiry we may ask what the implications of pursuing success are. Is success to be pursued at the cost of neglecting one’s health and well-being? Does success really bring about happiness? The art of asking the right question opens the window to the unknown. Inquiry releases the mind from its anchor in the known. Then there is a possibility of living in freedom. Freedom is necessary to have a creative impulse.

The retreat will cover themes such as Success, Happiness, and Relationships. The participants examine the themes without any presumption or motive. During the day many contemplative activities, such as nature walk, reflections, body awareness, and so on are scheduled to slow down the mind and learn about the nature of mind and its relationship with the outer – the world outside of oneself.

Study Retreats, 2012 - 2013

The Study Centre, Valley School, Bangalore will be offering residential retreats every month. The purpose of such retreats is to take a step back from ones active daily life of making a living, having a family, and all the other activities that one is engaged in. During the retreat one can be alone and also in company of other serious minded individuals who have deeper questions of life and are willing to delve into the nature of human consciousness without any preconditions or with the aim of reaching any specific goal. Taking a journey within oneself brings about a certain release from the various conclusions, ideas, and tensions that one often accumulates in daily life. After the retreat one returns to daily living with an alert mind that is able to meet afresh the challenges of life.

Attending the retreat allows a teacher or parent to learn the intention of the school. The educational philosophy of the school helps in bringing about various policies and curriculum design in the school.

Dec 6-9, 2012 : Retreat for the YOUNG(18-35)
    Exploring Success, Happiness & Relationships
Jan 24-27, 2013 : Silence , Stillness & Meditation
Feb 7-10, 2013 : What does FEAR do to you ?
Mar 7-10 2013 : Exploring Problems of Living ?
April 4-7, 2013 : **Karnataka JK Adhayana Shibira: Meditation in Daily Life
Intention of the Retreat at The Study, KFI, Bangalore:
  • Awakening of Intelligence and flowering in goodness
  • Learning the art of listening and looking
  • Bringing clarity in oneself
  • Understanding the workings of one’s mind
  • Dealing with conflict, change, fear, and desire
  • Discipline, Freedom, and Responsibility
  • Discovering beauty, creativity, and Joy
  • Awareness with all the senses
  • Exploration into insight
  • Meditation in daily living

The retreats start on Thursday evening and end on Sunday evening, so that people who are working have to take only one day off. Transportation will be arranged for group pick-up from Jain Temple, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore. The time of pick-up will be 6:30 PM on the first day of retreat. The time of departure will be 5:00 PM on the last day of the retreat from the campus.

The Study Retreat will be restricted to twelve participants. Each participant will have a single cottage on a non-sharing basis. Please look at our Retreat Cottages under News & Events. Participants can extend their stay before or after the retreat on the basis of additional payment. The transportation for all the programs is arranged for one pickup and drop to the city in a group. The time will be specified to the participants in the acknowledgement email before the event.

The suggested contribution for the study retreat to cover the cost of food, lodging, programs, study material, and transportation is Rs. 2150 per person. Please fill up the registration form and send it to the Study Centre, Bangalore.

You can visit www.kfistudy.org for further information on the Study Centre. The registration forms can be downloaded from the website.