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Date: January 2013

“When the superficial, conscious mind is thus fully aware of all its activities, through that understanding it becomes spontaneously quiet, not drugged by compulsion or regimented by desire; then it is in a position to receive the intimation, the hints of the unconscious, of the many, many hidden layers of the mind - the racial instincts, the buried memories, the concealed pursuits, the deep wounds that are still unhealed. It is only when all these have projected themselves and are understood, when the whole consciousness is unburdened, unfettered by any wound, by any memory whatsoever, that it is in a position to receive the eternal.

Meditation is self-knowledge and without self-knowledge there is no meditation. If you are not aware of all your responses all the time, if you are not fully conscious, fully cognizant of your daily activities, merely to lock yourself in a room and sit down in front of a picture of your guru, of your Master, to meditate, is an escape, because without self-knowledge there is no right thinking and, without right thinking, what you do has no meaning, however noble your intentions are. Thus prayer has no significance without self-knowledge but when there is self-knowledge there is right thinking and hence right action. When there is right action, there is no confusion and therefore there is no supplication to someone else to lead you out of it. A man who is fully aware is meditating; he does not pray, because he does not want anything. Through prayer, through regimentation, through repetition and all the rest of it, you can bring about a certain stillness, but that is mere dullness, reducing the mind and the heart to a state of weariness. It is drugging the mind; and exclusion, which you call concentration, does not lead to reality - no exclusion ever can. What brings about understanding is self-knowledge, and it is not very difficult to be aware if there is right intention. If you are interested to discover the whole process of yourself - not merely the superficial part but the total process of your whole being - then it is comparatively easy. If you really want to know yourself, you will search out your heart and your mind to know their full content and when there is the intention to know, you will know. Then you can follow, without condemnation or justification, every movement of thought and feeling; by following every thought and every feeling as it arises you bring about tranquility which is not compelled, not regimented, but which is the outcome of having no problem, no contradiction. It is like the pool that becomes peaceful, quiet, any evening when there is no wind; when the mind is still, then that which is immeasurable comes into being.” The First and Last Freedom

“Is a method going to uncondition you? There is no method to uncondition you. We have played with these words, we have done all these things for centuries - the gurus, the monasteries, Zen, this or that method with the result you are caught, you are a slave to the method, aren't you, and therefore you are not free. The method will produce the result; but the result is the outcome of your confusion, of your conditioning, and therefore it will still be conditioned.” - Collected Works, Vol. XVII",107,Individual and Society

“What lies beyond can be found only if the mind is still. There may be something or there may be nothing at all. So the only thing that is important is for the mind to be still. Again, if you are concerned with what lies beyond, then you are not looking at what the state of actual stillness is. If stillness to you is only a door to that which lies beyond, then you are not concerned with that door, whereas what is important is the very door itself, the very stillness itself. Therefore you cannot ask what lies beyond. The only thing that is important is for the mind to be still. Then what takes place? That is all we are concerned with, not with what lies beyond silence.”

January & February Retreat Poster

Vaibhav (Class IX student)
Gives his first violin concert

Youth Retreat Participants: December, 2012
First Sunday Meeting: January 6, 2013
Study Retreat Jan 24-27, 2013 : Silence , Stillness & Meditation
One Retreat Participant’s feedback
Finding Your Answers
Study Retreats 2012 – 2013 Calendar
Study Retreats 2013 – 2014 Calendar
Introduction to retreat – a Presentation?
Photo Gallery: Class XI Play
Photo Gallery: Cultural Program on Dec. 18
Photo Gallery: Green World Art Festival
First Sunday Meeting: January 6, 2013

Venue: Seminar Hall, The Valley School
Time: 9:30 AM

Open to friends of The Study Centre and individuals who are willing to explore their own lives. These meetings also enable new comers to become familiar with the teachings and to what The Study Centre has to offer. Feel free to bring your friends and family members who have the capacity to listen and learn.

Study Retreat Jan 24-27, 2013 : Silence , Stillness & Meditation

The seed of meditation is in each human being. The seed is waiting to find the right soil and germinate. However, because of various factors that seed has not germinated in most human beings. What are these factors? We will explore this during the coming retreat. One of the primary factors for this is that one has relied on authority to guide on a meditation techniques and a promise that the meditation is an escape from one’s daily existence.

Could one start with where one is and not imagine the meditative mind as described by others. This implies observing the chattering of the mind. What is the mind chattering about? Is it chattering about ones unfulfilled desires and longings? Once a line of inquiry is taken up then can we as participants have the stamina to explore it and look at the whole phenomenon completely. The looking does not happen through words. The meaning created when the words are used opens the possibility of having an insight into the source of chattering. The insight brings an order in ones thought-feeling and the brain becomes silent. A silent mind has the possibility to touch a different dimension that thought cannot touch.
We will explore a possibility of a meditative mind in a forested retreat located within the Valley School Campus. The exploration will happen through nature walks, body awareness, art work, dialogues, reflections, and so on.

One Retreat Participant’s feedback:
  • This was my second retreat & this time, I could connect the dots between the various activities and probably go a bit more deeper within the various topics.
  • I just love these retreats. It gives me the much needed quiet time to reflect within myself and understand some very important questions of our life (that we take for granted). All of you have been doing a great job in providing an environment. Every aspect of the program - cottages, nature walks, body awareness sessions, dialogue sessions etc. was very meaningful and was very well thought. I would continue to recommend this program to all whom I know are interested in deeper understanding of life
  • Like last time, the team did a great job in facilitation, arrangement etc. for the overall session. A big thank you once again for that ..
    Sekhar Soorianarayanan
Finding Your Answers
A retreat for young was held in December. A report appeared in the Education Times (TOI – Times of India) section. (KFI & DeKrey.pdf)
Study Retreats, 2012 - 2013

The Study Centre, Valley School, Bangalore will be offering residential retreats every month. The purpose of such retreats is to take a step back from ones active daily life of making a living, having a family, and all the other activities that one is engaged in. During the retreat one can be alone and also in company of other serious minded individuals who have deeper questions of life and are willing to delve into the nature of human consciousness without any preconditions or with the aim of reaching any specific goal. Taking a journey within oneself brings about a certain release from the various conclusions, ideas, and tensions that one often accumulates in daily life. After the retreat one returns to daily living with an alert mind that is able to meet afresh the challenges of life.

Attending the retreat allows a teacher or parent to learn the intention of the school. The educational philosophy of the school helps in bringing about various policies and curriculum design in the school.

Jan 24-27, 2013 : Silence , Stillness & Meditation
Feb 7-10, 2013 : Silence , Stillness & Meditation
Mar 7-10 2013 : Exploring Problems of Living ?
April 4-7, 2013 : **Karnataka JK Adhayana Shibira: Meditation in Daily Life
Intention of the Retreat at The Study, KFI, Bangalore:
  • Awakening of Intelligence and flowering in goodness
  • Learning the art of listening and looking
  • Bringing clarity in oneself
  • Understanding the workings of one’s mind
  • Dealing with conflict, change, fear, and desire
  • Discipline, Freedom, and Responsibility
  • Discovering beauty, creativity, and Joy
  • Awareness with all the senses
  • Exploration into insight
  • Meditation in daily living

The retreats start on Thursday evening and end on Sunday evening, so that people who are working have to take only one day off. Transportation will be arranged for group pick-up from Jain Temple, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore. The time of pick-up will be 6:30 PM on the first day of retreat. The time of departure will be 5:00 PM on the last day of the retreat from the campus.

The Study Retreat will be restricted to twelve participants. Each participant will have a single cottage on a non-sharing basis. Please look at our Retreat Cottages under News & Events. Participants can extend their stay before or after the retreat on the basis of additional payment. The transportation for all the programs is arranged for one pickup and drop to the city in a group. The time will be specified to the participants in the acknowledgement email before the event.

The suggested contribution for the study retreat to cover the cost of food, lodging, programs, study material, and transportation is Rs. 2150 per person. Please fill up the registration form and send it to the Study Centre, Bangalore.

Study Retreats 2013 – 2014 Calendar

Group Retreats with scheduled program:

June 6-9, 2013 : Exploring Excellence
July 11-14, 2013 : Harmony in Relationship
Aug 8-11, 2013 : Exploring worry, tension, and conflict
Sept 5-8, 2013 : What is the purpose of Education?
Oct 10-13, 2013 : Living in the NOW
Nov 7-10, 2013 : The Art of Meditation
Dec 11-15 , 2013 : **Retreat for the YOUNG(18-35)
  : Exploring a wholly different way of Living
Jan 9-12, 2014 : Silence , Stillness & Meditation
Feb 6-9, 2014 : Reconnecting with Nature
Mar 6-9, 2014 : Why do I get Angry?
April 10-13, 2014 : **Karnataka JK Adhayana Shibira: Understanding Relationship

***Individual Retreats

July 18-21, 2013
Nov 21-24, 2013
Feb 20-23, 2014

** Retreat for Young and Karnataka JK Adhayana Shibira participants will be staying on a sharing basis in various rooms on the campus.

***Individual Retreats: During these retreats there will be no scheduled program. However, on the participant’s request a video, dialogue, or a nature walk could be arranged. This retreat will enable the participant to stay in silence and spend time in self-study. A pick-up and drop to the Jain Temple, Jayanagar will be arranged similar to other retreats.


A group of 30 college students from Poonch district from Jammu visited the Valley School and theStudy Centre. This is an initiative of the Indian Army to bring about national integration. Their caps and jerseys had the following emblem:
Kashmir Se Kanyakumari
Operation - Sadbhavana
A Romeo Force Initiative
(25th Rashtriya Rifles - Madras)

Photo Gallery: Class XI Play
Photo Gallery: Cultural Program on Dec. 18
Photo Gallery: Green World Art Festival

To watch the video of the dance:
Green World Art Festival Part 1
Green World Art Festival Part 1

You can visit www.kfistudy.org for further information on the Study Centre. The registration forms can be downloaded from the website.