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Date: March 2013

“To be ‘like-minded’ means ‘to think together’. That is, putting aside our own personal issues, our own prejudices, our own conclusions, and coming together to think about a problem and not trying to find a solution; [that is] coming together to find out what the problem is, not the solution. Because in the problem itself is the solution.”
1979, 4 Dec Education Conference

“Consciously or unconsciously we refuse to see the essentiality of being passively aware because we do not really want to let go of our problems; for what would we be without them? We would rather cling to something we know, however painful, than risk the pursuit of something that may lead who knows where. With the problems, at least, we are familiar; but the thought of pursuing the maker of them, not knowing where it may lead, creates in us fear and dullness. The mind would be lost without the worry of problems; it feeds on problems, whether they are world or kitchen problems, political or personal, religious or ideological; so our problems make us petty and narrow. A mind that is consumed with world problems is as petty as the mind that worries about the spiritual progress it is making. Problems burden the mind with fear, for problems give strength to the self, to the ``me'' and the ``mine.'' Without problems, without achievements and failures, the self is not.”
Commentaries on Living: First Series

March 2013 Retreat Poster

Children’s Program at the Study

Mela 2013 Display

Mela 2013 Display under the Banyan Tree
First Sunday Meeting: March 3, 2013
Study Retreat Mar 7-10 2013: Exploring Problems of Living
Donations are welcome: What can I do?
Study Retreats 2012 – 2013 Calendar
Study Retreats 2013 – 2014 Calendar
Essence of Life: Dance & Music Program
Introduction to retreat – a Presentation?
Photo Gallery: Mela 2013
Photo Gallery: January 2013 Retreat Participants
Photo Gallery: February 2013 Retreat Participants
Photo Galley: Tibetan Principals
Photo Gallery: LIU Global
First Sunday Meeting: March 3, 2013

Venue: Mahasagar, The Valley School
Time: 9:30 AM

Open to friends of The Study Centre and individuals who are willing to explore their own lives. These meetings also enable new comers to become familiar with the teachings and to what The Study Centre has to offer. Feel free to bring your friends and family members who have the capacity to listen and learn.

Study Retreat Mar 7-10 2013: Exploring Problems of Living

In the upcoming retreat starting on March 7 we will be exploring our approach to the “Problems of Living.” Do we look at the problems of living in isolation or are the problems interconnected. We will explore the outer manifestation of the problem as well as the inner movement related to the problem.

Generally we are interested in solving one problem. The solution that we seek is something that will give us satisfaction, security, and comfort. The solution that we cherish is usually short lived as it is challenged by the movement of life. Then we seek further solution within the similar pattern of thought. Therefore, our life is a struggle from one problem to another.

Exploration into Problems of Living implies the intention to understand the problem making process. The exploration is a cleansing process that releases the mind of self-created and self-imposed problems. Then one can meet the outer problems with vigour, enthusiasm, and sensitivity.

Donations are welcome: What can I do?

The readers of this newsletter may not realize that the programs described in the newsletter only provide a glimpse into what the Study Centre does. The work going on here is for the benefit of whole of humanity. As the work is exploratory in nature, the work has great significance. If one has to take an example of scientific exploration, then one can see that any discovery or new invention made in one part of the world has implications in the far corners of the globe. Similarly, many individuals from around the world find their lives enriched by the programs and ambience of the Study Centre. They see the importance of having such a Study Centre where they are.

If one has understood that to bring about a good society needs a psychological revolution then one must ask oneself “How am I to participate in this revolution?” Does one’s response make one individualistic and brings about further isolation in the form of personal security and comfort in ideas and hope for the future? Does one feel responsible for ‘the work’ not my work or your work?

You may send donation to ‘Bangalore Education Centre, KFI.’

The Study,
Valley School campus,
17th Km Kanakpura Rd, Thatguni Post,
Bangalore – 560062, India

Learning in Sharing: Davangere Program

Three programs were conducted in January - two in Davangere and one in Harihar. The program was conducted by Shri Subu Kavasseri and Mr. Basavalingappa from Davangere.

The first program on the 10th Jan at Nutana College was attended by many students and faculty members. The Principal of the college, Prof Shivashankar, who also teaches Krishnamurti's philosophy as part of a B.Ed course that he conducts, spoke in Kannada at the conclusion. His comments were well received.

On the Jan10th evening a study circle meeting was organized at another venue (inside an Ashram bldg) which was attended by about 15 people. The topic taken up for the dialogue was 'how do we better understand ourselves in the light of K's teachings?'

The third program was at S.J.V.P college in Harihar. Mostly students from the Education Dept attended. The Principal Prof Beturmath, Prof Sadashivaiah, and other staff members were also present. The students were interested to know how the K schools functioned and what was it that they were trying to do differently.
The concluding speech by Prof Beturmath was in Kannada & English and he very nicely summarized the morning's proceedings. This time the students and teachers watched a few clips from The Challenge of Change including the RV talk with students.

The next program under the umbrella of ‘Learning in Sharing’ will be taking place in Bijapur in February, 2013.

Study Retreats, 2012 - 2013

The Study Centre, Valley School, Bangalore will be offering residential retreats every month. The purpose of such retreats is to take a step back from ones active daily life of making a living, having a family, and all the other activities that one is engaged in. During the retreat one can be alone and also in company of other serious minded individuals who have deeper questions of life and are willing to delve into the nature of human consciousness without any preconditions or with the aim of reaching any specific goal. Taking a journey within oneself brings about a certain release from the various conclusions, ideas, and tensions that one often accumulates in daily life. After the retreat one returns to daily living with an alert mind that is able to meet afresh the challenges of life.

Attending the retreat allows a teacher or parent to learn the intention of the school. The educational philosophy of the school helps in bringing about various policies and curriculum design in the school.

Mar 7-10 2013 : Exploring Problems of Living ?
April 4-7, 2013 : **Karnataka JK Adhayana Shibira: Meditation in Daily Life
Intention of the Retreat at The Study, KFI, Bangalore:
  • Awakening of Intelligence and flowering in goodness
  • Learning the art of listening and looking
  • Bringing clarity in oneself
  • Understanding the workings of one’s mind
  • Dealing with conflict, change, fear, and desire
  • Discipline, Freedom, and Responsibility
  • Discovering beauty, creativity, and Joy
  • Awareness with all the senses
  • Exploration into insight
  • Meditation in daily living

The retreats start on Thursday evening and end on Sunday evening, so that people who are working have to take only one day off. Transportation will be arranged for group pick-up from Jain Temple, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore. The time of pick-up will be 6:30 PM on the first day of retreat. The time of departure will be 5:00 PM on the last day of the retreat from the campus.

The Study Retreat will be restricted to twelve participants. Each participant will have a single cottage on a non-sharing basis. Please look at our Retreat Cottages under News & Events. Participants can extend their stay before or after the retreat on the basis of additional payment. The transportation for all the programs is arranged for one pickup and drop to the city in a group. The time will be specified to the participants in the acknowledgement email before the event.

The suggested contribution for the study retreat to cover the cost of food, lodging, programs, study material, and transportation is Rs. 2150 per person. Please fill up the registration form and send it to the Study Centre, Bangalore.

Study Retreats 2013 – 2014 Calendar

Group Retreats with scheduled program:

June 6-9, 2013 : Exploring Excellence
July 11-14, 2013 : Harmony in Relationship
Aug 8-11, 2013 : Exploring worry, tension, and conflict
Sept 5-8, 2013 : What is the purpose of Education?
Oct 10-13, 2013 : Living in the NOW
Nov 7-10, 2013 : The Art of Meditation
Dec 11-15 , 2013 : **Retreat for the YOUNG(18-35)
  : Exploring a wholly different way of Living
Jan 9-12, 2014 : Silence , Stillness & Meditation
Feb 6-9, 2014 : Reconnecting with Nature
Mar 6-9, 2014 : Why do I get Angry?
April 10-13, 2014 : **Karnataka JK Adhayana Shibira: Understanding Relationship

***Individual Retreats

July 18-21, 2013
Nov 21-24, 2013
Feb 20-23, 2014

** Retreat for Young and Karnataka JK Adhayana Shibira participants will be staying on a sharing basis in various rooms on the campus.

***Individual Retreats: During these retreats there will be no scheduled program. However, on the participant’s request a video, dialogue, or a nature walk could be arranged. This retreat will enable the participant to stay in silence and spend time in self-study. A pick-up and drop to the Jain Temple, Jayanagar will be arranged similar to other retreats.

Essence of Life: Dance & Music Program

Bangalore: Date 22nd, February 2013, Chowdiah Memorial Hall
Time: 6:00 PM

Essence of Life is a revolution in music and dance inspired by Jiddu Krishnamurti's teachings. It is a multi-media production, an effort across many media through the evocative medium of Indian classical dance. Prominent artists from established dance traditions, namely Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam and Odissi come together to bring to life contemporary thought in an engaging manner.

Anchored by noted Tamil actress and dancer Sukanya Ramesh - The following are some of the big names associated with the project:
Musician B. Sivaramakrishna Rao
Rhythm Conceiver DA Srinivas have rendered the music. Singers Sanjeev Abhyankar & Padmashree Hariharan have lent their voice to these compositions. The dancers are internationally renowned Kathak dancer Pali Chandra, Japan's foremost Odissi exponent Masako Ono.

Produced by : Dega Arts (Refer to website www.degaarts.com for more information)
Read More about the program: Essence of Life

Photo Gallery: Mela 2013
Photo Gallery: January 2013 Retreat Participants
Photo Gallery: February 2013 Retreat Participants
Photo Galley: Tibetan Principals
Principals from Tibetan schools in various parts of India attended a four day education retreat to understand Krishnamurti’s teachings at the Study Centre and to understand the pedagogy of the Valley School.
Photo Gallery: LIU Global
Students from the Long Island University (LIU) Global program came on a retreat at the Study Centre. Themes such as Relationship, Freedom, and responsibility were explored. They had interaction with the school children and teachers at the Valley School during their stay.
You can visit www.kfistudy.org for further information on the Study Centre. The registration forms can be downloaded from the website.