Retreat in Wilderness
Retreat Cottages are now available for guest to stay in quietness and natural serenity. The cottages are essentially designed for individuals to stay alone for a period of time to reflect on their lives and allow the mind to become quiet without any method or technique. We recommend the guests to plan to come for minimum of three days to two weeks. After this the stay could be extended with mutual consent.

On personal retreat there is no set schedule or program to be followed. You may design your own program of the study, watching videos, going for walk, sitting quietly, and so on. The staff at the Study Centre can facilitate the program that you would like to create.

The recommended contribution per day per person in Rs. 1200 - 2000 depending on the capacity to pay. The contribution is requested to keep the place in good condition and financially viable.

What to bring when you come on retreat:

  1. Flash light
  2. Walking shoes or sandals
  3. Warm clothes - nights could become chilly
  4. Umbrella during rainy season
  5. Loose clothes for Body Movement sessions. Avoid Dhoti or Sari. This applies only to participants of the organized Study Retreats or Gatherings.
  6. Mosquito repellent, such as Odomos
Quiet Zone Courtyard with skylight Sitting area  
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