Why is retreat necessary?
“This is a place of learning and austere living with inward discipline…”

The Study at Haridvanam which has been created, based on J. Krishnamurti’s vision, provides an atmosphere of reflection and inquiry into a deep study of the Teachings.

The Retreat is meant for people who would like simply to rest in the silence & beauty of the place unconstrained by time or space. The Retreat is open to visitors in all seasons except for a few days in early summer, when it is closed to the general public. Accommodation is available in small, simply furnished cottages with attached bath.

Interested persons may please contact the Study Centre for details.

“I think it is essential sometimes to go to retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your beliefs and experiences completely and look at them anew, not keep on repeating like machines whether you believe or do not believe. You would then let in fresh air into your minds. Wouldn't you? That means you must be insecure, must you not? If you can do so, you would be open to the mysteries of nature and to things that are whispering about us, which you would not otherwise reach; you would reach the God that is waiting to come, the truth that cannot be invited but comes itself. But we are not open to love and other finer processes that are taking place within us because we are all too enclosed by our own ambitions, by our own achievements, by our own desires. Surely it is good to retreat from all that, is it not? Stop being a member of some society. Stop being a Brahmin, a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim. Stop your worship, rituals; take a complete retreat from all those and see what happens. In a retreat, do not plunge into something else, do not take some book and be absorbed in new knowledge and new acquisition. Have a complete break with the past and see what happens. Sirs, do it, and you will see delight. You will see vast expanses of love, understanding, and freedom. When your heart is open, then reality can come. Then the whisperings of your own prejudices, your own noises, are not heard. That is why it is good to take a retreat, to go away, and to stop the routine - not only the routine of outward existence but the routine which the mind establishes for its own safety and convenience.”
J.Krishnamurti, MADRAS, 1st Public Talk, 5th January 1952