Learning in Sharing
One of the Study Centre's primary functions is to make the teachings of J. Krishnamurti available to anyone who is interested in exploring a different way of living. This happens mainly through distribution of Krishnamurti's books, sale of a limited number of pre-recorded audio MP3s and DVDs, participation in book fairs & exhibitions, and holding of gatherings and public meetings in various towns, cities of Karnataka.

Thursday Meetings (weekly): Staff and guests meet to see a video and discuss. This is mainly to bring together the staff staying on the campus to consider questions related to the teachings. Study centre guests and visitors can also participate. These meetings are generally one hour long. We watch a video of Krishnaji responding to questions for 20-30 minutes followed with dialogue. This meeting is held at the Study Centre.

First Sunday Meetings: Meetings are organized for people interested in Krishnaji’s Teachings living in Bangalore. The meeting is held on First Sunday of every month from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM at the Valley School campus. The half a day session includes Krishnamurti video session and dialogue. Guest speakers are invited. Free transport and lunch is arranged for all the participants. The session starts with an introduction of a theme either by one of the staff members or a guest followed with Dialogue. After tea break, we watch a video of J.Krishnamurti’s talk. Bus Route

Third Sunday Meetings (City meeting): The meeting is held on third Sunday of every month at Jiddu Krishnamurti Library, 5th Bolck, Jayanagar. A dialogue is followed with video. The Krishnamurti Library is slowly gaining attendance during these meetings. Jiddu Krishnamurti Library - Jayanagar

Kannada Translation: There is also a Translation Cell that is actively involved in translating Krishnamurti's English books into the Kannada language. This Cell also brings out a quarterly Kannada newsletter called "Sahapayana" which has articles, quotes and all the latest news & announcements concerning the BEC and KFI.

Learning in Sharing: The intent of this interaction is to understand oneself in the various human dimensions. We invite you to explore a wholly different way of inquiring and living. It can enable us to address our deep individual and social concerns. The interaction is to explore our life in the light of ‘The Teachings’ of J. Krishnamurti

Some fundamental questions need to be asked. The answers are not in words, thought or knowledge, but in perception, in finding out for oneself first hand - why do we live in conflict?

J. Krishnamurti’s original works are available in English language in the form of books, audios and DVDs. The Study Centre, Bangalore (KFI) is engaged in translating his books into Kannada language. So far twenty books have been published. We wish to communicate with interested groups and educational institutions in various parts of Karnataka in Kannada language.

Such an interaction can be arranged in your town or organization. We are especially interested to interact with the young people who plan to venture in the field of education.

The questions that we would address are:

  • What is learning?
  • Can we pursue what we love to do?
  • What is fear and desire?

As responsible human beings, we need to address the human aspects of sorrow, suffering, death and the consequences of religious dogmas, divisions created by nationalistic attitudes and the consumerist lifestyles that we live.

The programmes could include watching a DVD of J. Krishnamurti followed by a dialogue and an interactive questioning.

We would like to communicate with persons interested in starting small, informal study groups based on J. Krishnamurti’s teachings. An exhibition of books and photographs can also be organized.

The Study Centre (KFI) Bangalore has a Kannada newsletter ‘Sahapayana’ and also a
e-newsletter to keep in touch with interested persons.

Please communicate with us at least two months in advance for organizing a programme in your institution or town.

You can download the brochure here.