Retreat for Young
The retreat for young people is held every year at the Study Centre, Valley School Campus during December.

The retreat for young people is organized to address some unique challenges young people face as the questions of earning a livelihood is vital at this stage of life. Many young people are in the process of starting new relationships with opposite sex. This involves looking at questions of expectation, commitment, and sometimes breaking of relationships. Some young people have a spiritual inclination and they begin to search for truth through various Gurus, systems, and organizations. After being completely dissatisfied with the different popular approaches they may come across a book of J. Krishnamurti. Then the vital question is how to bring into one’s daily living what JK is pointing out in his talks, dialogues, and writings.

Some of the questions that could be examined during the week:

  • In IT corporations aggressiveness and competitiveness is encouraged, I have a personal conflict because I read K and he says that competitiveness is unhealthy. I am in conflict. How can I sustain awareness of my competitiveness?
  • What are our real physical needs and what are psychological needs? What is desire?
  • Everyone wants to be happy. Why there is unhappiness?
  • Can we live a life of order and wholeness in a chaotic world?
  • What is good culture? Is it possible to bring a good culture in today’s society? Is progress contradictory to bringing about a good culture?
  • In finding a right livelihood one has to address the question of social respectability, money, what is one’s need and what is one’s want? Do I want a right livelihood?
  • Why the teachings don’t work for me? I still get angry. I still get carried away with pleasure and desire. I still have fear. What is difficulty in living the teachings?