Interactions With The Valley School
Staff Meetings: (Half a day session) the staff members of the Valley School come to the centre once every month to study Krishnaji’s Teachings and have small group dialogues and watch a complete video of Krishnaji’s talk or discussion. We take up themes such as thinking together, order, discipline, what is right relationship and action. The teachers can relate with the intention of the school and what is right education.

Interaction with parents: Before the report meetings all parents came to the study in small groups to see a video of K and have interactive session about education. As the school is structured into learning groups and senior horizontal groups, the parents came for report meetings at the end of both the terms. These scheduled meetings take place after the Study Center interaction. During the Study Center interaction themes such as parents expectations, discipline, order, and so on are discussed. These meetings are essential to bring parental achievement oriented expectations in line with the intention of the school. The school teachers relating with the respective group also participate and highlight the general considerations for a learning group and how parents could contribute in the education process.